About Lets2tog!

logoLets2tog (pattern abbrev. L2tog) was born from a need for wearable knitting tools, fiber related tools; clever jewelry for clever fiber artists! Starting with the desire for a travel safe and good looking wearable notions pouch and blossoming into a range of wearable tool jewelry, the goal of Lets2tog is to make tools as smart and convenient as possible and fiber related art as accessible as possible. Let’s do it 2tog!


#thejens @ladycakers and @jendhi have been enjoying the fiber arts – on the go of course – for over a decade; and each other’s company for over two!

Circular Knitting Needle Sets (metal)

I love tools. Can you tell? And I love knitting needles. And sets. I thought I’d start a list of a few of my favorites!

This is truly an excellent starter kit for metal needles.  My favorite part is that it’s easy to make your own cables of any length!! CRAFSTER user Rheatheylia created this incredible tutorial and it totally works. This tutorial is invaluable because believe you me I tried finding replacement cables of unusual length for magic loop and unless something has changed in the past few years, this is the only way to get them.


This was my first step towards trying new needles and man, when you use the right tools and the right yarn, knitting can really be a pleasure! These needles come in rockets, turbo, and lace. They are so lovely and light, and rumor has it, Stephen West’s and The Flying Kettle’s favorite needles too.


The lovely staff at Altered Stitch recommended this to me and it is currently my favorite. Sharper than Addi, and cheaper too, this set is so pretty, Jen and I love it! There are sets for twist and spin, and for 5″ and 4″.